Ivan Low - Artist II

Keeping a finger firmly on the pulse of the newest industry style trends and innovations, Ivan began his career in his native Kuala Lumpur before arriving in Singapore to broaden his horizons and hone his talents at the age of 19.

Ivan was drawn to the structured apprenticeship scheme at kimrobinson as well as its passionate and energetic environment, and unstinting dedication to international standards and quality. As a result, Ivan has emerged with an impressive skill set, an unmistakable eye for short, edgy shapes, and a firm grasp of the high levels of customer satisfaction that kimrobinson clients have come to recognize and expect.

“Hairdressing is an important form of creative art because the resulting style forms an integral part of our daily lives. I relish the opportunity to deliver an original style for each client, and give each a versatile cut that can be manipulated to yield a range of different looks.”


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