Eric Lim - Artist II

Eric may not have joined kimrobinson until almost a decade later, but his fascination with the art and science of hair styling dates back to the tender age of 14, when the eager stylist-to-be cut and coloured the hair of some very generous relatives.

Since then, under the intense tutelage of Kim Robinson, Daniel Ng and the rest of the kimrobinson team, Eric has grown from talented apprentice to gifted professional, thriving on being a central player in creating and maintaining clients’ total looks. Along the way, he has perfected his signature slicing technique to produce looks which work well with all hair types and lifestyles.

“I consider it a great privilege to be able to meet people from all walks of life as part of what I do. It is very important to communicate with each client, explaining their hair type, face shape and the different options available to them. My philosophy is about being objective and doing what needs to be done to create the best for my clients. Being the best is more than just a haircut; it should be a holistic package that includes post-cut care and providing exceptional service to every client.”


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