Is Silicon Good or Bad for Your Hair?

Have you ever walked down the beauty aisle trying to find your next bottle of shampoo, only to leave feeling terribly overwhelmed with zero decisions made? If you have, fret not, as you’re not alone. We discuss the pros and cons of polarising ingredients commonly found in hair care products to aid you in finding your next must-have treatments.

Let’s talk about silicon. This ingredient has often found itself in the centre of countless debates as it appears in a myriad of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. But it is essential to understand its role and potential long-term effects to make an informed choice.

What are silicones?

Silicone compounds are a class of synthetic polymers that are derived from the chemical element—silicon. There are various types of silicone compounds used in hair care products that have varying molecular weights and structures, which ultimately impact their effects on the hair. These compounds are mainly used by manufacturers for their ability to create a protective barrier, reduce frizz, and enhance the hair’s manageability.

Why does silicon get such a bad reputation in haircare products?

Product build-up is a key drawback of using products with silicon in them. As silicone compounds are not water-soluble, it can accumulate on the hair and scalp over time, leading to unwanted product build-up. Build-ups of such weigh down hair, and create a dull and greasy appearance that impedes the penetration of other nourishing ingredients that facilitate a healthy scalp environment.

Secondly, it has the ability to mask existing hair issues. As the silicon compounds coat your hair to leave a smooth and shiny finish, it also temporarily conceals damage or split ends. This prevents users from addressing the underlying issues of their hair, and lead to long-term damage if not properly treated. If hairs are also not well hydrated before it interacts with silicon compounds, it also impedes the absorption of natural moisture from other beneficial haircare products.

Lastly, it brings the need for harsher cleansing solutions. As silicon-based products build up over time, it becomes tougher to rinse off and requires a stronger clarifying treatment to do so. While that is needed, it can also strip the hair of its natural oils and disrupt the balance of the scalp.

In short, silicon doesn’t benefit the quality of your hair as it will clog up the pores on your scalp, and you will find it leaving behind a sticky and dirty residual texture. It is an ingredient commonly found in shampoos, intentionally so to leave a shine on your hair as the compounds reflect light. But as it gets worked into the scalp, it’s inevitable for product build-up to happen – and these build-ups aren’t easily removed by most products.  Product build-up is also one of the primary causes of dandruff.

Oh no, how can I fix my scalp then?

Our solution is the functionally formulated HRF Scalp Cleansing Bio Treatment which is a scalp cleanser that doesn’t have any ingredients or irritants that coats its surface for chances of long-term product build-up. It leaves the scalp feeling very clean, and works great on sensitive skin as well, and removes build up.

The HRF Scalp Cleansing Bio Treatment will improve the quality of hair because it will leave you with a healthy scalp.

The HRF collection is a formulation that addresses specific needs of Asian hair, factoring in oilier scalps due to the region’s climate. Test subjects also included an extensive list of Asian clients and A-list celebrities, all of whom responded favourably to the collection.

The two-step professional haircare routine was expertly formulated in Italy with the world’s most advanced technology. It contains no silicones, and is enriched with scientifically-proven ingredients such as amino acids, biotin and copper tripeptide that benefits the hair.

Check out the HRF product line here.

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Is Silicon Good or Bad for Your Hair?

Have you ever walked down the beauty aisle trying to find your next bottle of shampoo, only to leave feeling terribly overwhelmed with zero decisions...

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