Wet Brush - 3518

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Perfect for a no-fuss hair care routine, our wet brush is specifically made for detangling hair when it's wet or damp. Start at the ends of your hair and work your way up. The result? Less breakage, less split ends.

Available in different sizes for a range of hair lengths, it smoothens all types of hair without pulling, tearing, or causing breakage, and the rubber cushion design offers a gentle brushing experience.

Suitable for short, mid, and long hair.

Say goodbye to tangled, knotted hair.

Cushion design with walnut wood handle.

Made in Italy

18cm tall, 5.2cm width

Brush Care

Do not immerse the brush in water or any liquid, as the wood on the brush may be damaged.

To clean it, use a sanitising spray or rinse it under running water. Rest it on a towel and let it airdry.

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