Scalp Brush - 29202

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Good hair days go hand in hand with a good scalp care routine. Our scalp brush is made with uniquely-reinforced boar bristles that are highly detangling but delicate, preventing breakage or damage to the hair structure.

Using it once or twice daily stimulates hair follicles, by promoting blood flow to the roots, which is essential for healthy hair growth.

They are great for massaging the scalp. As they massage, they also exfoliate and brush out dead cells, product build-up, and dust from your scalp.

Promotes hair growth, and health of scalp and hair. 

Boar bristles and beech wood.

Designed in Italy, made in China

24.5cm tall, 8cm width

Brush Care

Do not immerse the brush in water or any liquid, as the wood on the brush may be damaged.

To clean it, use a sanitising spray or rinse it under running water. Rest it on a towel and let it airdry.

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