Styling Brush - 3002

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Boar bristle brushes are an industry secret because they have amazing shine-enhancing abilities. As they glide through hair, they don’t cause any static or frizz, but the gentle bristles distribute hair's natural oils from root to end. By doing so, they condition each strand and smoothen hair cuticles.

Our brushes work great for all styling purposes, from creating curls and little kicks on the hair ends, to voluminous curves and polishing off sleek updos. Not only is it easy to use as a styling brush, but it's also good for your hair health.

The removable wooden pin on the end is a brilliant bonus – use it to easily loosen hair strands caught on the bristles.

Creates little kicks, gentle curls, or maximum volume and shine.

Boar bristles, zebrano wood handle. 

Made in Italy

22.8cm tall, 1.5cm inside diameter, 4cm outside diameter

Brush Care

Do not immerse the brush in water or any liquid, as the wood on the brush may be damaged.

To clean it, use a sanitising spray or rinse it under running water. Rest it on a towel and let it airdry.

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