Timen Siow - Creative Team

Almost two decades into a stellar career in an ever-changing industry, and Timen never stops learning. It is this all-consuming passion for his profession, in tandem with his thirst for perfection, which has won Timen a discerning and loyal following at kimrobinson.

He may have started out as an apprentice, but Timen flourished under the expert guidance of mentor Kim Robinson. Today he is much sought after having made his mark as a versatile stylist who thrives on the interesting and unexpected. Working with a wide variety of clients, Timen is expert in creating clean, stylish cuts for men, and highly styled-yet-accessible looks for women.

Whether a routine cleanse and cut, or an adventurous client looking for a whole new look, Timen’s modus operandi is the same – open communication and a lively exchange of ideas, before going the extra mile to exceed all expectations.

“My forte is being able to deliver a different look for a client every time – one that is comfortable yet sexy, and most importantly brings out the personality within. There are plenty of stylists all over the world, but being an outstanding professional is not just about the looks one creates for clients, but the personal touch and creativity that one adds to the whole salon experience.”


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